New York
is Worth Fighting For

We’ve ended our campaign, but there is still a lot of work to do.
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But the hard truth is that New York is slipping away.

We lost over 23,000 of our neighbors in a pandemic that we mishandled.

One in five of us doesn’t have a job. One in three of our small businesses may be gone forever.

The MTA is functionally bankrupt, and our streets are filling back up with dirty and dangerous cars.

It’s impossible to find an affordable place to live. The ocean is rising up around us. Inequality has never been more ludicrous. Our schools are packed. Our policing is broken. NYCHA is neglected.

The times are tough. But the fight is worth it.

This is why I’m running for New York City Council. We can, and we must, save the promise of our city.

Western Queens is where all these challenges come to a head. It is here that we can build a better future, with a safer streetscape, increased affordability, and a stand for justice.

I’m a true believer in Queens and in New York, and I know we can pull our city back from the brink. I hope you can join me in the fight.

Join the Fight:

Ben Guttmann for NYC Council 26

Ben Guttmann is an entrepreneur, community leader, educator, and activist. He’s also a subway rider, a biker, and renter, and a proud New Yorker.

He’s running to fight for a better city.

Meet Ben Guttmann

District 26 includes the beautiful communities of Long Island City, Sunnyside, Woodside, and Astoria.

This is the fastest growing community in America, and we deserve a Councilmember that will fight to make it the fairest community in the city. Waterfront development. Sunnyside Yard. Newtown Creek superfund site. Squeezed-out artists. Oppressive lack of green space. Neglected NYCHA houses. Jam-packed schools.

It’s the best neighborhood in New York City – and where all the city’s challenges come to a head.

Two ways you can help right now

Volunteer to join the team

This campaign is built from the ground-up, based on community outreach and thousands of conversations. Sign up to join Ben in the fight for a fairer city.


Donate to fuel the campaign

With NYC’s matching program, each $1 you contribute could be worth as much as $9 to the campaign. No thank you to money from developers, lobbyists, LLCs, or police unions.


Elections in NYC are different in 2021.
Meet ranked-
choice voting.

For the first time ever, New York City will use ranked-choice voting for the 2021 primaries. This will allow voters to choose up to five candidates and rank them in order of preference. If a candidate receives the majority of first choice votes, they win immediately. But if no candidate receives the majority, then the lowest polling candidate’s ballots are redistributed to the voter’s next highest choice. This continues until only two candidates are left, with the candidate receiving the most votes at that time winning the race.

I hope to be your first choice vote.
But if not, please consider us for your second spot.

Join the Fight to Save the Promise of New York

This city is only great because great people make it so. We need you on the team to rebuild a fairer, functional New York City.